ONOGRIT is a creative consultancy and design studio specialized in the field of User Experience Design (UX), Visual Design and Brand Building based in Cologne / Köln. ONOGRIT ist ein Design Studio spezialisiert auf visuelle Kommunikation, User Experience Design (UX), Branding und Markenentwicklung mit Sitz in Köln.

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Logo and Corporate Design for
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Circle is a German developer team with no less than the ambition to do everything differently. They question conventions and are radically authentic. They refrain from eyewashing and for this very reason they are unwaveringly on their way as one of the top-class IT development teams in Germany.

Tobias Hauck, one of the founders of Circle, writes in his first mail: "We believe that there are so many things in this world that can be improved by rethinking things fundamentally. For example, I wonder why a TV remote control needs more buttons than a smartphone, even though it can do much less?



Service: Corporate Design, Web Design, Visual Design, Stationary
Branch: IT
Scope: Logo Development, Letterhead, Business Cards, Website


Thus the founding members Tobias, Marko and Sven break with dusty business practices and intentionally abandon their family names and job titles in their external communication. Their credo is: If the cooperation fails due to these missing conventions, it was worth nothing anyway.

Our studio developed the fitting brand identity for the team. The name Circle is supported by a Japanese Enso. In the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, an Enso represents a moment in which consciousness is free and the mind is not restricted in its creative process. The logo was coded by us in a processing process and played out as an animated logo so that each partner can generate his own individual logo.



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