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Together we make ONO+



ONO+ is our playground for all types of work outside of the usual services. Here we realise ideas and independent projects along with friends and various partners. We see it as a “triple-win”: A win for our partner, a win for ONOGRIT and a win for future clients that will benefit from the newly acquired network and know-how.  


A Pearvocado and an Avopear

Self-initiated projects

We don’t want to wait for someone to hire us to work on our dream project. We hire ourselves. That fact on it’s own inspires and motivates us enormously. We follow up ideas with action. For example, have a look at our TEIL DEIN GLÜCK fundraising poster.


Routine is for wimps. It’s exciting when someone leaves the beaten path and just tries thing out for themselves. What happens to paper when it hangs 10 weeks in the wind? Can you freeze milk froth and preserve its condition? Not really your average everyday questions. But who knows if the answer won’t be needed at some point down the road?




The list of ideas is already pretty long. From a photo or illustration magazine, to the app that will change everything, all the way to the theoretical preparation of scientific topics ... We want to work with talented, intelligent and cheerful people, studios and companies. We’re looking for fun, excitement and new insight. Ideally, the results make every aesthete’s heart beat faster.

The framework is simple: Excitement about the same topic, a fair division of tasks, a planned-out schedule, an investment decision and joint work on a perfect end result. No money flows here, only creative power. What waits for us at the end of a project is often unexpected, inspiring, beautiful - and in any case we all come out of it much smarter.

We are looking forward to collaboration requests, big dreams and infectious enthusiasm.
Off you go!

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